Magnesium Anode Packaging Options:  

  • Cardboard tubes Magnesium anodes can be packaged in 0.125 thick cardboard tubes.

  • Cotton bags Heavy woven cotton bags may be used to package the magnesium anodes.  The cotton used is sturdy enough to hold up to 200 lbs.  The anodes are then packaged in a 4 mil thick plastic bag to protect from accidental wetting of the anode before installation.

  • Cardboard box Another option for bag anodes is to package the bag anode into a cardboard box.  The cardboard box protects the anode from accidental wetting and impact.  An advantage of the box packaging is that, unlike the plastic bags, they may be installed into excavations with the anode

  • Our Magnesium anodes are manufactured in accordance with ASTM B-843 specification Type M1C high potential grade alloy.

Standard Magnesium Anode Sizes

Model #

Wire Type

Wire Length (m)

Magnesium Ingot Weight

Packaged Dimensions (heavy woven cloth, plastic bag, or cardboard tube)



RWU90 10/7


5 lbs

5 X 14



RWU90 10/7


9 lbs

5 X 19



RWU90 10/7


17 lbs

6 X 30



RWU90 10/7


32 lbs

8 X 28


Magnesium Anodes listed above are our most common specifications.

Our anodes are available in many sizes to meet your exact requirements. If you have a specific design specification please call us and we will do our best to facilitate your request.